Ursula is a sculpture project by artist Timothy Stanley. It is a linguistic experiment: an attempt to create a non-linear, three dimensional form of literary narrative, one that develops solely through the creation and the analysis of the sculptural objects that comprise it. 

By using abstract sculpture as a language, and the art making process as a structuring system, the artist challenges viewers to approach narrative visually, using sensory and emotional responses rather than intellectual ones.

Using this system, a narrative can be structured as an object, a period of time, a thought process or, as in the case of Ursula, a human body. The works that comprise Ursula are not finished pieces but studies for a larger, theoretical sculpture, one that changes continuously with the addition of each new study. 

As Ursula grows, it has the potential to become a method of building that invites others to use its language/structure in the creation of their own work, or to expand the scale and scope of Ursula exponentially. 

The project Ursula is the sole focus of Stanley's single-work practice, and is entering its fifth year. 


Timothy Stanley
Born (1984) in New York, NY
Lives and works in Paris, FR

Contact: timostanley@gmail.com